Have things gone a bit too far? French Fashion house Saint Laurent is now selling luxury condoms

So Saint Laurent is coming out with a range of high fashion condoms. What’s wrong with that I ask? You wear expensive clothes even when cheaper alternatives are available. You choose designer cars, shoes, even the interiors of homes. I don’t see the fuss over Saint Laurent condoms. I know it would impress a girl who’s planning to get under the sheets with him for the first time. Keep a bowl of these in the bathroom at your next bash and you will be looked at differently (in a good way). Saint Laurent’s luxury gold foil condom is part of a campaign named ‘The Love Affair’ that was shot by Juergen Teller, featuring Anja Rubik and David Alexander Finn. It comes in as many as six prints, it is supposed to be a fashionable condom after all; options include checkered, cob, zebra, leopard, heart and the YSL monogram printed on a black cover.

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At €2, a piece this isn’t a bad deal if you’ve got a special evening planned. If you haven’t been able to buy anything YSL, this is your chance to get something branded for only $2.50 a pop.


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