Haven’t laughed today? This ridiculous $1,290 ‘double shirt’ from Balenciaga will leave you in splits

Lately we’ve been seeing some trends that are worthy of a side-eye (Chunky sneakers, we’re looking at you), and while an off-beat trend or two are not uncommon in the industry, Balenciaga really seems to be trying to play us all. Twitter recently exploded with comments on the brand’s interesting new product which seems to be a button-down shirt fixed to the front of a regular T-shirt.

The website describes it as a “T-shirt Shirt – Striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options”. So you can either wear the t-shirt and have the button down hanging limply on your chest, or wear the button-down with a blue t-shirt tacked onto your back.

This multi-purpose item is priced at $1,290, so you can be sure that we’re going to give it the roast that it deserves. To say that the shirt is absurd is probably the understatement of the year. The only way to wear this without looking foolish is to blend into that pile on laundry on your bed.

Even the model wearing the shirt appears to be wondering what combination of events led to this photo-shoot!

Rest assured, if you venture out of doors wearing this ludicrous article of clothing, your self-esteem may not survive the journey.