Hermés bags worth over $1 million stolen near Paris

Hermes bags worth over a million dollars were stolen from a logistics facility near Paris. According to reports, six thieves arrived at the facility – named CAMS- at a time when the manager was the only staff member present. They then forced him to load the bags into their waiting vehicle. 500 Hermés bags – both leather and canvas- were stolen with each bag retailing at anywhere between €500 and €5,000.

The bags certainly weren’t anywhere close to being Hermés’ most expensive products. However the incident is the latest in a long string of luxury thefts around the world. In the last few years a large number of brands associated with jewelry, accessories and timepieces have been targeted. Such products are easy to transport and are extremely popular in resale markets.

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WWD also noted that the thieves appeared to be unarmed in the surveillance footage.

[Via – Purseblog]