Hermès debuts $2,900 skateboards with designs from their archives

Hermès is well known for putting a luxury spin on everyday objects and while they are best known for their iconic Birkin bag, the company has also shown an interest in building its portfolio of homeware. However, the brand is venturing into a more playful direction with the launch of their new skateboards and longboards.

Made from light beech wood and covered with a maple veneer, the boards are available in three designs “Bouclerie Modern,” “Cavalcadour” and “Sangles en zigzag”. Fans of the brand will recognize these patterns as archival designs created by artistic director, Henri d’Origny.

Though we don’t foresee the kids in our neighborhood whizzing past on these ultra-luxe playthings, we can admit that Hermès seems committed to creating everyday objects that can also be viewed as art. The boards come boast a price tag of $2,900 and can be purchased at Hermès boutiques.


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