Hermes’ new postcard collection will make you want to write again

Trust Hermes to reinvent the modest postcard. This January the Parisian luxury house – known for its Birkin bags and signature scarfs – has crafted a sophisticated selection of postcards and greeting cards.

Inspired by De Chiricho’s paintings, the postcards are overflowing with a nuanced blend of pastel and dynamic shades, coupled with simple geometric shapes. Avid admirers of the brand will witness a glimpse of artistic lines often seen in their collections of bags and leather goods.

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Interestingly, this artsy series has been noted as a good omen and more so, hints at the future collections of the prestigious house.

With Hermes’ creative team at the helm of the collection, one can safely assume a pricier assortment of greeting card and postcards, as compared to your neighbourhood store.


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