Hermes Leather Lipstick or Gum Case ?

Get your hands on this (yellow, kelly green, or black) modest piece of the Hermes dynasty at I-Global Mall for $199. By and large lipstick case makes much more sense than a gum case. Hermes exotic skins-orange lizard lipstick cases have higher prices. Gum cases are uncommon and unheard…..but looks like Hermes cares about your pack of gums. They hold a pack of gum in your purse so the gum doesn’t fall out and end up sticky at the bottom of your purse. Seriously how much more chic could you be? The Hermès bags are designed by Hermès in Paris, France thereafter sold in the US. Its fame has been enhanced by its popularity among famous female personalities worldwide, including its royal family namesake, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. It is one of fashion’s most exclusive brands thanks to its high prices and its years-long Birkin waiting list that has risen to near-mythic importance among high-end shoppers.

Hermès products are sold exclusively in Hermès boutiques, approved retailers, and on the official Hermès website.

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