Hey girl boss! Here are some luxe travel accessories for first-class and beyond

For the girl bosses who hustle for the pretty things in life, one thing is certain; your progress will be taking you around the world and straight out of your comfort zones. So while you’re globetrotting and building your empire why not do it in a style that suits your persona? Indulge in your lingering wanderlust and rely on a few suggestions from us to make it one hell of a trip when traveling in first class and beyond. These luxurious traveling accessories, when included in your packing lists, will warrant you look outstanding and stay sorted-

Hermes Traveler set of 3 pieces, $840-
Running an empire can be wearying. We have what you need for ultimate comfort in long haul flights. Allow this Hermes set, including a hand-woven cashmere case, socks, and a sleeping mask to serve you while you snooze. The velvet goatskin softness won’t disappoint you. This set of 3 comes in orange and indigo but we totally vote for the orange.

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[Available at: Hermes]

Fendi address card, $420-
A Fendi accessory on your luggage is a must; pretty much like the many zeros on your paycheck (or your shopping bills). This one isn’t just about the style, it surely comes in handy when you’re jumping cities and exploring the world. The Fendi address card features a transparent id window, a buckle fastening, all-over logo print, and a graphic print. Give your luggage the fabulous Fendi treatment with a brown and yellow color way.

[Available at: Farfetch]

Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch 26, $445-
When you strut with a Louis Vuitton as arm candy you can’t possibly deprive yourself of the toiletry pouch that will hold your exclusive essentials. No other pouch will do to contain your jo Malone’s and your Clinique’s and Kiehl’s. The Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch 26 is the biggest size available in Monogram canvas and is roomy with gusset sides for easy storage. It slips easily into a handbag.

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[Available at: Louis Vuitton]

Chanel Trolley, $8100-
Your work has always stood out; your personality too, so why shouldn’t your personal belongings? Go bold, go red with Chanel’s ultra-chic trolley as your companion and get used to some approving nods on the journey.

[Available at: Chanel]

Montblanc Meisterstück passport holder, $193-
Nothing does as well as a classic. For those who like to make choices that seldom go wrong the Montblanc Meisterstück passport holder is one such thing. Don’t give in to the fad of going for OTT passport covers. You don’t want to be seen strutting the business lounge in cringe-worthy colors.

[Available at: Montblanc]

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