If it’s not a batsuit, it’s got to be Gucci for Batman

When you’re a billionaire who stays up in the wee hours to bring definitive justice to a crime-crazed city, you’ve got to look at the top of your game the next day. This couldn’t come without sufficient make-up and of course, a wardrobe that does half the world for you. Which is why Batman from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice resorted to something with more svelte than commonplace garbs.

This seems to be a rather impressive move from the Dark Knight series of movies which had one Mr. Bale draped in his Armanis. While the batsuit continues to be the best thing on the body of the present dark avenger, his clothing as billionaire layman Bruce Wayne lives up to his reputation as the rich, mildly arrogant businessman. Ben Affleck has no problem carrying anything he wears and when he marches out of Wayne manner, he couldn’t be any less pleasing a sight for the paparazzi of Gotham City and his new found rival from another planet.

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Alfred better have that closet well inspected. Not everyone who wakes and sleeps in Gucci comes without the ingrained fussiness of a wrinkle or lint.

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