Innovative or gimmicky? Dolce and Gabbana sent out drones on their Milan Runway

Dolce and Gabbana might have changed the template for runway fashion shows with their Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show in Milan. The show began 45 minutes late (much to the annoyance of some guests including Anna Wintour who supposedly left the show before it began), and not before several announcements had been made requesting attendees to turn off their wi-fi and portable hotspot devices.

But it wasn’t a line of models who sashayed down the runway, it was a fleet of drones, each one carrying a handbag from the new collection. The bags displayed were small purses, probably chosen to prevent the drones from being weighed down. This mini-show of accessories was followed by the models who showed up in a splash of sequins and lace touting the designers’ theme “Fashion Devotion”. The clothing had a not-so-subtle religious vibe, but there were also plenty of athleisure inspire outfits to keep the fashion media happy.

We loved some of the long, dramatic coats and eye-catching suits, but were the drones really necessary D&G? The idea was certainly innovative, but when you consider the fact that they were used to showcase just one new item and that they were probably the reason why the show was 45 minutes late – they don’t seem like the best idea.


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