Lacoste reveals new capsule collection Croco Magic along with revamped insignia

I’m no Steve Irwin and I detest all crocodiles except one- the one that sits all pretty and green on a Lacoste t-shirt. Reptiles have never looked this good before and there are many of them in the redesign of the iconic insignia of Lacoste for a special, new holiday “Croco Magic” range. The assortment consists of men’s and women’s styles, decorated with the brand’s signature crocodile logo. The logo too is very interesting as it displays many crocodiles coming together to form a larger Lacoste logo. So what can one expect from this capsule collection? There are heaps of attractive buys in store, right from a range of crewnecks, both long- and short-sleeved polo shirts, a nylon backpack, shoulder bag, and exciting bonus of a silicone watch. Additional items from the “Croco Magic” capsule range from caps and beanies, to scarves, and sweaters and dresses for the ladies, while leather accessories are offered as well.

These apparels have been manufactured from a blend of materials like wool and cotton. The bags feature high-quality cow leather and you can also spot a chain detailing. The new Lacoste “Croco Magic” collection ranges from $198 to $398. You can get your hands at the new Lacoste collection on Thursday, November 14.


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