Lalique’s New Masculine Fragrance Launches in London

Fittingly hosted by London’s modern, elegant but minimalist restaurant, The M, Lalique‘s new fragrance: Encre Noire (À L’extrême) exhibited what one would expect from the world-renowned establishment, targeting the true, ‘Lalique Man’.

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As we have explored the brand in the past, it is evident that the Lalique man is a mature, well-cultured man who takes pride in self-presentation- He has lived and loved, and these characteristics have been expressed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson through her use of mature organic ingredients. Lorson has famously worked with Just Cavalli and Emporio Armani to create distinct fragrances.
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Similar to the original in its motif, the fragrance strives to savour sensitivities and to play on the calm, but sharp dark side of a man. This is not a ‘gym fragrance’. Having said that this is aimed for the mature man, it does have fresh under-tones and zesty notes which make this accessible for a slightly younger audience to the mature man- but one that can relate to the powerful, but understated complexities of the fragrance.
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Encre Noire creates majestic contrasts between the subdued blend of incense and iris heart notes and the vibrant, suggestive and fresh aromas that stem from the bergamot and cypress top notes, and patchouli dry-down notes – these strengthen the fragrance and present it with a unique identification. The woody palette is enriched with elemi and vetyver from Java and Haiti, the noblemen of the palette de la parfumerie. The faint balsamic benzoin fixes the woody intensity and a sense of warmth and familiarity is conjured through the fragrance.

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The perfume’s simplistic elixir embodies the values and motifs behind the fragrance. The dark, woody texture suggests mystery, and perhaps lust. The light engraving reinforces elegance, and recognition- whilst the glass opening reveals the rich, maroon liquid within. Made of two beautifully modern squares, the bottle realises the power of the fragrance, whilst exhibiting it nobly. A very ideal match, indeed.

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