Look like an X-Men with the $2,000 Oakley Overthetop sunglasses

A few years ago Oakley made outrageous fashion desirable with their progressive OVERTHETOP frames. They were first spotted at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia on sprinter Ato Boldon in the Men’s 100-meter race. Now almost 20 years later after its original release, the shades are making a comeback in an avatar that is just as head-turning and even a bit more eccentric this time around. The original mold and shape stays true to its original form but added to this out-of-the-world demeanor is a new “Precious Mettle” color option. The stemless design may not be your ideal pick but there is a gradient color treatment that fades from aged gold to silver and bronze and may win your heart with its glamour. The wrap-around is constructed with O Matter™, frame material for durable, lightweight comfort, and fitted with Oakley’s leading Prizm™️ Lens Technology, designed to enhance the color and contrast of vision.

The Oakley Precious Mettle OVERTHETOP shades are truly unique not just in appearance but also in availability as only 20 units were made worldwide, and each pair retails for a pricy $2,000. The limited-edition shades launch August 7 at 9 a.m. PST exclusively on Oakley.com.

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[Via: Maxim]

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