Louis Vuitton has launched the worlds most stylish sound system

What do you get when you cross Louis Vuitton’s love of travel and history of fine luggage with Devialet’s commitment to creating high-quality audio products? The extraordinary answer is: a DJ Trunk. The trunk is a modern and musical take on the iconic Stokowski writing-desk trunk created for the famous eponymous conductor in 1930 to transport his work kit. This iteration gathers all the essential tools that a DJ would need for a performance, into a compact but stylish trunk including Phantom, turntable and vinyl recordings, mixer, computer, and headphones.

“Only Phantom could meet Louis Vuitton’s requirements of a transportable product capable of delivering a powerful and immersive sound, allowing to experience true emotions at a live concert level from home… The DJ Trunk is the dream come true of an exceptional product combining high technology and unique and secular know-how” said Quentin Sannié, co-founder, and CEO of Devialet. For the DJ Trunk, Devialet has designed a special limited edition of the Gold Phantom, marked with the logos of Louis Vuitton and Devialet. Its metal sides have a ruthenium finish that perfectly complements the DJ Trunk.

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The DJ trunk was created by hand in Louis Vuitton’s historic workshops in Asnières near Paris. It trades in the traditional monogram canvas for the edgier in Monogram Eclipse canvas (a grey and black Monogram), with ruthenium metal accessories on the outside and dark grey microfiber on the inside. Made up of a folding beech-wood table, covered in black cowhide, the DJ Trunk also contains a custom-made bag in Monogram Eclipse for storing about twenty vinyl, as well as a box to accommodate a turntable.

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You can special order the DJ trunk if you’re interested in owning one. It can be used for DJ sets with two trunks or as a listening unit for music and vinyls with one trunk.


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