Louis Vuitton has showcased the handbag of the future and it comes with two LED screens

Nicolas Ghesquière is a maverick of a creative director at the LV house and while we hardly doubt his sense of style, some would contradict his fashion sensibilities as a little too abstract. An ode to his absurdism was recently seen at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 show that recently took place at the refurbished TWA dock of the John. F. Kennedy airport.

Playing on the theme of Space Age, Ghesquière’s new display showcased elements of futurism and all-things-tech as specially seen with the new ensemble of bags. Called the ‘Canvas of the future’, the LV’s latest bags and the only ones of their kind came with functioning canvas video screens on each of their sides. The moldable, flexible screens are apparently made of AMOLED technology—the same LED functionality that is incorporated in new-age smartphones -one that makes way for a clear 1920 x 1440 resolution.

As stated by Louis Vuitton in a press release, the goal of the novel handbags is to eventually bridge the gap between your smartphone and your sac, something that can eventually materialize into a reality -given the fast-moving fusion between fashion and tech. Back in 2007, Marc Jacobs, Vuitton’s then creative director had also appeared on the runway with a mini LED screen embedded trunk that was playing Spongebob Squarepants. Cut to 2019- and you now have a full-fledged version of Jacobs little fashion stunt (though still in prototype) available for your wardrobes!


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