Louis Vuitton bags ride on a roller coaster at Champs-Élysées store

Louis Vuitton has a knack to impress – not just with beautiful bags, shoes and accessories but architecture and interiors as well. While the brand is busy setting up an empire in the East these days, things back homewards are also not too far behind. Its iconic store to date is undoubtedly the LV building on Champs-Élysées. Designed by American architect Eric Carlson, the store is considered to be the most successful store of the brand in the world. Pursuitist reports that currently ‘their windows were merchandised with a carnival theme. It’s nice to see classic Louis Vuitton bags are having a time of their lives on roller coasters.’ The store is believed to create a wonderful shopping experience for its customers and apparently they have thought of everything – including having dedicated plastic bags to stack away your wet umbrellas! Now that is thinking on multi-dimensions to offer the best to its valued customers.

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