Louis Vuitton monogrammed travel baggage now on sale

Some men carry a lot of finesse and style especially when they are out for fun or at business trips. And if you are one of them or want to join the company of such gentlemen, Louis Vuitton cases spotting their famous L. V. ‘monogramme’ can come to your rescue. First up is the ‘Valise Chaussures’ a canvas crafted shoe case to help you carry shoes in style. The24 inches tall case comes with felt interiors with 12 compartments to keep your footwear. Next up is the ‘Sac Golf’, a canvas golf bag that can store up to 6 golf tees and come with a easy-to-carry strap. And finally, a vintage canvas made ‘President’ briefcase which is 16inches tall and made its first appearance in 1956.

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The ‘Valise Chaussures’ is priced at $6,630 whereas the ‘Sac Golf’ costs around $5,595. The ‘President’ briefcase is available at $5,595 at well.