Louis Vuitton writing collection unveiled

Emails, text messages, and keeping in touch via social media platforms are a norm these days in the world of communication. However, Louis Vuitton is all set to revive the art of letter writing by presenting an elegant writing collection. Using a pen, pencil, paper, and other stationery material to express thoughts, LV fans will bring back the old trend to life. The new luxe writing collection includes writing instruments and paper products. Along with a bespoke stationery set, watch out for stylish envelopes with trunk closures illustrated on the flaps, and alligator leather-encased fountain pens. To add a personal touch, one can also customize the collection with engravings. The fountains pens feature a patented mechanism that protects the inside cartridges from leakage due to pressure changes from air travel. This was much needed as the French brand is aware that most of their loyal clients are jet-setters, and air travel could be a part of their daily commuting.

Along with other paper products and notebooks, the collection also includes luxury pens and pencils ranging from ballpoint, pencil, and roller formate in different shapes and designs. A pot of ink will be available for $44, while the leather fountain pen will leave its mark on the paper for $2,220.

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On 13th December, the Louis Vuitton writing collection will debut at a pop-up boutique at 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés called Le Cabinet d’Ecriture Louis Vuitton, which translates to Louis Vuitton’s writing room.


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