Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to swear off fur by early 2023

For reasons obvious enough, environmental activists have been against the sale of fur for years. And while many brands have been quick to accept the proposal, others are far from following suit. However, one such marquee that recently jumped on the fur-free bandwagon is Neiman Marcus.

The luxury retailer announced that it would be going off the use of fur by early 2023. The changes are a part of its environmental, social, governance goals to identify and disclose topics like animal welfare, the company further clarified.

Commenting on it, Chief Executive Officer Geoffroy van Raemdonck in a statement, said, “We are updating our assortment to feature multiple sustainable and ethical luxury fashion categories. It is clear the future is fur-free, and that includes the ultra-luxury space.”

He further added, “As a leader in luxury retail, NMG has an opportunity to help build a better future for our industry. The group has worked with the Humane Society of the United States on the strategy to go fur-free and aims to represent a transformational change in We’re grateful to the Humane Society of the United States for their partnership.”

Here’s hoping other brands in the luxury segment draw inspiration from the above!

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