Mercedes has introduced a collection of bags that are run over by an AMG GT R for the sake of fashion

For most people, a bag that’s run over by a car qualifies to be called as destroyed; however, Mercedes likes to think otherwise. The carmaker collaborated with a fellow German brand named Destroy vs. Beauty to come up with a new collection of bags and luggage pieces that are made with fabric that’s been purposefully rumpled under the tires of a sports car. Sometimes the fashion world acts way too weird and over-the-top for people like me to understand! Called the BurnOut collection, the designers of the Destroy vs. Beauty brand came up with this unique idea to cater to the petrolheads. To create this special motif for the collection, they took neutral-colored fabric to the racing track where it is made to undergo some high-octane treatment under the wide tires of the AMG GT R.

The fabric is laid on the tarmac in front of the rear wheels of the Mercedes sports car. With the launch control engaged on the GT R, the driver puts the pedal to the floor to leave a streak of melted rubber across the fabric and create that unique run-down look. If you find the idea unique and interesting and want to get yourself one of these car-themed bags, the collection starts at $202 for a wallet and goes all the way up to $767 for a top-of-the-line Weekender bag


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