Mercedes introduces luggage to match their Mercedes-Maybach S650

Mercedes knows you love your Maybach S 650 to distraction and they want you to have a piece of t no matter where you go. The car has been the design inspiration for the brand’s new collection of travel accessories. That’s a travel bag set, a garment carrier, a shoe bag as well as a key ring and a matching key wallet all designed to match the new look of the Mercedes-Maybach.

All products in the collection exhibit the two-toned color design scheme that Mercedes Maybachs boast (for example in satin-red / silk-beige, titanium-grey / silk-beige or deep-sea blue / silk-beige). The brand used vehicle leather only and processed the items using handcrafting methods. Truly observant fans will notice that the products are lined with woven lining bearing the exclusive Fleurs-de Maybach pattern.

If you could own one item from this collection, it should be the weekend bag (The Jaunt I) which is functional and versatile and makes a great carry-on bag. The collection becomes available from June 2018 in the Maybach – Icons of Luxury boutiques in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Abu Dhabi as well as online at The real question is, what looks worse, buying a collection that inspired by a car you don’t have? Or owning a line of accessories that exactly matches your car? We’ll leave that for you to decide!

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