For $1,500 a pair these are the most expensive socks in the world

The term ‘walking on clouds’ gets a whole new meaning with the launch of 100% Cervelt socks from Harrys of London. They’re being called the most exclusive socks in the world and with good reason! Collected from the down of the New Zealand Red Deer, only 20 grams of Cervelt can be obtained from every deer each year ensuring that the fiber remains of the highest quality and the utmost rarity. The weaving, dying and handwork of Cervelt is unique to the fiber and requires great attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. It is also light and elastic, resistant to creases and textile pilling giving it a timeless elegance that does not fade. Cervelt is referred to as the ‘Diamond of Clothing Fibers’.

Featuring a 13 micron diameter, Cervelt boasts a fineness superior even to Mongolian Cashmere, it remains unmatched in softness and lightness. Harrys of London captures all these unique aspects of Cervelt and transforms them into a comfortable and chic footwear statement. Available in Charcoal grey for about $1,500, Harrys of London’s Cervelt socks are the most expensive and probably the most desired socks in the world.



[Via – Harrys-Of-London]

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