Nike Superfly II boots studded with 5000 Swarovski crystals are gaudy?

If you thought Sidi were the only one to bling up sports people’s feet, you are thinking a bit too short! Footballers have to jump in the bandwagon with a lot more jazz, lets face it, they enjoy way more popularity worldwide than any other sport people do. And keeping that in mind, here is a glimpse of French football player Mamadou Sakho’s Swarovski-Studded Nike Superfly II‘s. Crafted by Pierre at Orrovan Design Studios, Paris, Orraovan Design blog states that PSG centre-back Mamadou Sakho got these specially made to celebrate his selection into the France National Team for a friendly with Brazil.

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Studded with as many as 5,000 Swarovski crystals, the left boot has a French flavour while the right has the feel of Brazil. While nothing has been mentioned about costing has calculated the cost at roughly £1,575 ($2,560).
Thanks for the tip Kristien