Oakley unveils Nanowire Sunglasses

Oakley is synonymous with premium eyewear all over the world. They are always working on providing the best-polarized lens on the planet. If you think all polarized lenses are alike, it’s time you opened your eyes to the truth – Nanowire Sunglasses from Oakley. Just recently launched, Nanowire establishes a new standard of style, fit, and performance for polarized eyewear. The weight of these sunglasses is negligible they are made of a titanium alloy frame that practically feels buoyant in air. However, the highlight is the adaptable fit, a benefit of memory metal that renders true sculptural contours that stay comfortably flexible. With a rimless design, it’s probably the lightest sunglass you’ll ever wear, even though it carries a ton of optical innovation.

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Polarized Oakley Nanowire 1.0 Sunglasses feature a permanent Hydrophobic lens coating that repels water, skin oils, and dust and each sunglass comes with a hard-shell case and a premium microfiber cleaning cloth. For frame stems with even more sculptural styling, take a look at Nanowire 2.0 and its unique lens shape. For a single-lens design, experience Nanowire 3.0. You can now assure your eyes total protection for $300 only. Simultaneously with the release of Nanowire, they have also launched a new campaign known as Polarized Complete which is focused on educating consumers about the unbeatable properties of Oakley’s optics technology.

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