Pharrell Williams and Tiffany & Co. have joined forces for a sensational collaboration featuring 25-carat diamond sunglasses

It’s raining collabs for Tiffany & Co.! After joining hands with Supreme and Beyonce, the marquee is now set to associate with Pharrell Williams for the launch of custom-made, diamond-encrusted sunglasses and a lot more! Yes, you read that right!

Made with a whopping 18k gold, the stylish, almond-shaped pair comes decorated with 61 brilliant round diamonds of over 25 total carats, as well as two emerald-cut emeralds. It features jet black lenses and is just the right amount of bling for a superstar’s liking!

Commenting on the collaboration, Williams, in a statement, said, “Tiffany and I are engaged,” while adding that the luxe pair of sunglasses is “the first of many things that I’m gonna do with Tiffany… It’s a partnership… It’s about seeing things differently.”

The musician recently wore the dazzling pair at the Galerie Vivienne while gaining much attention from the media and fans. There is no official word on the release of the Pharrell Williams X Tiffany & Co. collection, but it’s sure going to be a treasure of bling that you do not want to miss! Stay tuned!

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