Prada joins hands with UNESCO for ocean sustainability with education initiatives worldwide.

When a brand does, the world does. And when it is a mammoth of a brand like Prada the world will stop and listen. Prada and UNESCO are collaborating for the greater good with an education program aimed at raising awareness of and promote a more responsible behavior toward the oceans. Clearly we are in perilous times where every aspect of our natural world is in some kind of crisis, oceans included, which makes ocean sustainability a concerning matter and that’s what this collaboration aims to highlight. The company also aims to begin the changes right from home, they have set sustainability goals for themselves too which are part of a multi-year environmental strategy. The change can already be witnessed with Prada’s Re-Nylon initiative, which will see the house replace its signature nylon with a version made from recycled ocean plastic. Like every industry fashion too affects ocean life, the program will encourage students to develop an awareness campaign on ocean conservation and how fashion can shift its operating practices to have a positive impact on oceanic health. A panel composed of international members, including some from Prada Group and UNESCO, will select a winner in May. That campaign will be presented to the United Nations in Lisbon the following month.

Lorenzo Bertelli, head of marketing for Prada Group, said,” The collaboration with UNESCO is in line, and translates into, a direct communication channel with the students from schools around the world. We are proud to see this project stemming from an initiative that was initially conceived as the innovation of a product, and of a sustainable raw material”.

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