Sans make-up…really?

Ladies, often when you walk into a party and notice turning heads, you feel elated, don’t you? Being the cynosure of a party or gathering or for that matter, even your companion can often be the thought that your world revolves around (tell me one woman who thinks differently). This could be a prime reason why women end up looking horrendous cause they often over-do their make-up. So now say no to the painting job. The natural look is in vogue. Though Americans tend to stick to their O.T.T (over the top) signature style French women beg to differ. Probably that explains why the ‘sans make-up’ look is a growing fad with the French women. The weekly magazine L’Express calls it “Le no makeup” look. French Elle described it this month as “Le bare face,” defined as “nude skin, shimmering slightly.

On the whole, French women like to portray themselves as more balanced, more inclined to pamper themselves and take pleasure in daily rituals than Americans. In its most extreme, America is seen as a youth-obsessed, off the cuff, a quick-fix culture where women are more likely to look artificially young and totally “done.” Ms. Royal, 52, who is portrayed as a young politician, wears almost no makeup and brushes her shoulder-length hair often.
When she had an upper tooth straightened last year, the daily newspaper Libération labeled it an un-French act. “The French people’s favorite Socialist is now endowed with an American smile,” Libération wrote. Certainly, the French delight in defining themselves in opposition to America, no matter what the topic — food, wine, diplomacy, even beauty. But this attitude is complicated — a blend of chauvinism and fascination, perhaps with a touch of envy. The French admire the Americans, even as they criticize and dismiss them. Whatever may be the worst-case scenario, as of now the no-make-up look rules the roost! And as far as the painted look is concerned let Picasso do it… no make-up look triumphs!
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