Shawn Stussy and Dior come together for a limited-edition, cooler-than-thou surfboard

Looks like high-end luxury brands and sports are the new thing in town! Is marriage on the cards what with all the biggest names from the luxury world dishing out dapper sporting equipment? We were floored with Louis Vuitton’s fancy skimboards and were totally smitten with Chanel’s surfboard, but one look at the stunning Dior surfboard designed by Shawn Stussy and we find our loyalties shifting. The Dior surfboard features Stussy’s reinterpretation of the house’s logo in gray and ice blue and captures the vibe of the beach life like no other. It makes the surfboard look captivating, a piece of work that carries the essence of the ocean rather than looking like precious memorabilia that would look better off on a mantle. Streetwear pioneer Shawn Stussy’s love for surfing is pretty known which is why it made complete sense when Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior men’s collections, collaborated with the brand for a limited-edition Dior board featuring the house’s logo in cool hues reminiscent of the waters they will rule. The Dior surfboard is limited to 100 numbered editions, in the narrow shape known as a gun, designed to ride big waves. These surfboards are a first for a brand like Dior which is why they are exceptional and masterfully created by hand. The limited-edition pieces were finished by hand at the UWL surfboard manufacturing workshop in La Rochelle, France, with each piece demanding 72 strenuous hours of handwork.

The fabulous Dior surfboards are expected to sell for around $11,300 as they coherently bring two stalwarts together- a revered, luxury brand and one of the decade’s most successful streetwear brands.

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