An Australian designer has created a two-piece men’s suit made from mustache hair – The hideous creation is actually for a good cause.

The pandemic taught us not to take life and health for granted. And if that means looking like monkey-man donning a suit full of and made of mustache hair, so be it! Movember is here, and there wasn’t a better time for Australian menswear brand Politix to launch this unique out-of-the-body mustache suit with visual artist Pamela Kleeman-Passi. Why was the Mo-Hair Suit created? The aim is to get people talking about the things that matter, and this campaign focuses on creating awareness on men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Suppose it takes a two-piece single-breasted suit expertly tailored and custom-made using natural mustache hair to get the attention of the world, telling them to cry their feelings out. In that case, this disgusting decision makes complete sense.

Dan Sparkes, creative director at Bullfrog, “Covid-19 still dominates global health headlines, meaning Movember’s life-saving programs and messages of hope are in danger of going unheard this year. So we wanted to give men and the media something to talk about.’ Politix, head of marketing Richard Dalke said the brand’s mission is to support men to be their best selves, a goal shared by Movember. He said, “We do it for our fathers, partners, brothers, sons, and mates – because Politix is committed to helping men look good, feel good, and do good.” Pam’s association with the campaign stems from a personal loss. She lost her husband to prostate and colorectal cancer.

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Similarly, Paul Burden, head of design and creative at Politix, shared his story and a grave loss that he faced only because of lack of awareness: “My father passed away on November 1st two years ago, from cancer. Typical man, he didn’t go to the doctor when he should have – when it was treatable. I hope this campaign gets people talking and gives more men the courage to speak up before it’s too late.” Hearing the team share their experiences makes you comprehend the importance of conversation and if it helps save even a single life, make as many Mo-Hair suits as needed.

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