Swarovski Nail File gets glamorous in gold and platinum

You can count on Swarovski crystals to turn any object into a dazzling must-have creation. And a nail file has become the most desirable accessory after it underwent a Swarovski makeover. Designer Craig Coulton has designed the Swarovski Nail File for the design competition organized by Designboom. An elegant and stylish accessory, this bejeweled accessory consists of two filing-blades (a regular and smoothing file) that fold out to reveal a shining layer beneath them. Crystals are embedded along each side of a silver, gold, or platinum body, turning this makeup accessory into one of the most dazzling pieces ever.

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A functional, bejeweled creation, the Swarovski Nail File it is definitely one of the most glamorous and luxurious accessories to be created.

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