Swarovski-studded Femininde deluxe edition boasts of a diamond inside

How many of us step out without dabbing our favorite fragrance as the final touch to the attire? These days, the bottles that hold the perfume also speak volumes of the composition inside. It’s not only the fragrance but also the luxurious packing that lures the well-heeled noses to pick them up. The latest on the shelf is from the French perfume house of Sahlini. Femininde is created by Celine Martin, who was inspired by her homeland India. The bejeweled bottle dazzles with Swarovski crystals and an 18-carat golden medal. You can also find a 0.16 Ct diamond inside the bottle. An ebony cap etched with golden letters that read Femininde keeps the contents intact.

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A treat for the nose too, it includes notes of orange from Brazil, Indian cardamom, black pepper, rose absolute, vetiver from Java, cloves, Caylon cinnamon, Egyptian cumin, balmy fir, and sandalwood. For 2500€ ($3,800), this FEMiNiNDE edition deluxe with a diamond is certainly pricier than the Bond No.9’s Harrods Swarovski perfume but much affordable than the Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats. I wonder if the diamond inside will add sparkle to the exotic fragrance?

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