World’s most exclusive Ice Scraper is fur coated

Latest in the line of Swedish Ice Scrapers is a luxe oozing RedFox Deluxe. With its asymmetrical design providing a plough effect to free of that icy sheet, The Black “Gran Turismo” 6mm made of genuine fur is a through and through winter treat. ”Every Swedish Ice Scraper is laser cut from a solid plate of mat finished Acrylic Glass, the scraping edges are then sharpened by diamond polishing for effective use on icy windshields,” iterates the press release.

Handcrafted by furrier master Maj-Lis Andersson Thiel in her Stockholm studio and dressed with a wild fox hand warmer, the ice scraper is a fuzzy-meets-functionality snow shipper. The rusty red-brown-white fox inculcated in its design is an indigenous being of Scandinavian forests. Besides this exotic feature, the product boasts an ergonomic grip and a built-in windshield wiper cleaner. A specially designed slot over the rubber blades also works towards the easy removal of ice and snow from the wipers.

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Tested under extreme conditions of the Alps and the north of Sweden, the world’s most exclusive ice scraper at $270 is the perfect accessory for automobile-loving luxury seekers.

[Available at Swedish-Ice-Scraper]

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