Take a look at the worlds first 3D printed solid gold fountain pen

Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast is going to make you fall in love with fountain pens all over again. His latest designs use 3D printing technology to create intricately detailed fountain pens out of precious materials like 18k gold and silver.

Called Spica Virginis, his new designs are meant to resemble an ear of grain and are named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. The pen is available in 18 k yellow gold as well as white gold, but it is the yellow gold version that captures the look of grain in the sun. The ‘non-uniform lattice’ structure of the pen can only be created through 3D printing. There is also an element of innovation to these pens, as they are the first in the world to feature 3D printed nibs.

“For people who prefer the lightness of titanium, which is less than 1/3 of the density of gold, we offer our titanium version plated with a thick layer of 24K gold with a tiny amount of cobalt for better wear resistance,” said Van der Mast.

18K yellow or white gold versions of the pen are priced at € 14,320 ($16,618) while a titanium version plated with a wear resistant layer of 24K gold costs € 4,960 ($5,755.95) . A plain titanium version is priced at €2,490 ($2,889.17).

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