Thanks to Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, it’s raining bags!

Louis Vuitton is finally out with their Spring/Summer 2010 bag collections which are aimed at several types of buyers, including city travelers and those who like to collect contemporary, out-of-the box designs on bags as well. Let us look at some of the best across each category. First up is the Monogram Cheche collection, to be released in January, 2010. The collection has been named after a protective garment worn over the head and the neck, and the bags are crafted on black-on-beige monogrammed jacquard with lurex and fluorescent threads. These bags are perfect for a picnic or a lecture in your college. Of the four bags available in this collection, (Bohemian, Gypsy PM, Gypsy GM and Tuareg), the bohemian is not only the most cost effective ($2410), it’s the most spacious and chic looking of all. Plus it is available in two colors, namely Rouge and Bleu. Roll over for more of the Spring/Summer 2010 bag collection………..

Next up is the Monogram Eden collection, to be released in February, 2010. These are revamped versions of some of the Louis Vuitton classics. The stunning makeover is brought about with the help of overlaid metallic Monogram canvas stripes. These beauties are perfect for a late evening party. Of the three variants (Zoe, Speedy 25, Neo), Neo is the most chic looking bag of the collection. Priced at $2880 and having a length of 11.4inches, width of 10.2inches and depth of 7.5inches, the bag is available in three versions, Kaki, Argent, Pêche
Next up is the Monogram Denim collection, to be released in March, 2010. The denims used in these bags spot give a sun bleached look but the bags have a bright look. Another set perfect for college use. The collection has four variants (Sunshine, Sunrise, Sunburst PM and Sunburst GM). The best out these in terms of storage space and looks is the Sunburst GM. Priced at $3230, the bag is available is denim bleu color.
Next is the March 2009 collection called Raindrop Besace. The bag is high on utility and has fluorescent pull ties with printed vintage Louis Vuitton logo on it. Priced at $1960, the bags have a length of 23.6inches, width of 19.7inches and depth of 2.2inches. They are available in two colors, Emerald and Moca.
Another collection out in March 2009 is called as the Monogram Underground. These bags are for those you enjoy hands-free comfort of a shoulder or waist bag. Made out of Monogram-embossed goat leather, the bags spot leather pompoms and headphone cords on the bag handles. Of the four variants, (Flat Bag, Bum Bag, Messenger and Duffle) the Bum Bag stands out as it is the only waist bag in the entire range of bags. Priced at $2020 the bags have a length of 12.6inches, width of 4.7inches and depth of 3.9inches. It is available in a shade of Café
Next in line is the Monogram Nightbird, which is a transformable clutch. The high point of these bags is the geometric-ethnic print that contains a patchwork of materials. Called as Pochette, these bags are available in Violet and Noir at a price of $2160. The bag is 5.7inches long, 7.3inches wide and 0.8inches deep.
Last of the bags in the offing is called as the New Age Traveler range of backpacks. They seem directly out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme, these bags are hand-crafted with monogrammed lurex jacquard with a crocodile flap, a foxtail charm and an bunch of leather tassels and headphone cables for a vagabond look. Priced at $54,500, the bag is 12.2inches long, 20.1inches wide and 11inches deep.
Finally apart from bags, we have some bag accessories. Called as Bag Charms, there are 3 set of charms up for grabs (Circus Bag Charm, Foxy Bag Charm and Rainbow Bag Charm). While you can opt for the Foxy Bag Charm for a very adventorus look, I prefer the Rainbow Bag Charm. At $560, they are available in three variants of Blue, Red and Bronze and look very chic indeed!

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