The $91,500 Hermes T-shirt is the most expensive T-shirt in New York City

A T-shirt is certainly a necessity but rarely can be categorized as the most expensive piece of garment in anyone’s wardrobe. However we have seen exceptions to this trend with a $300,000 T-shirt, $90,300 Air Yeezy 2 T-Shirt and the most expensive, diamond-studded, greenest t-shirt worth $400,000. The latest tee to make news in the world of high-priced fashion is a $91,500 Hermes crocodile skin T-shirt. This wildly priced T-shirt was discovered by The Awl team and has been reported as the ‘most expensive T-shirt in New York City.’ Up for sale at the brand’s Madison Avenue flagship store, this croc-skin tee was first spotted at Hermes’ Spring 2013 runway collection.

The $8,000 tax on the shirt’s sale is also included in the $91,500 over-priced tag.

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