The bikini turned 69! We pick the 7 most extravagant and eternal of them

In the summertime when the weather is hot, girls need a hotshot bikini, no matter they got the money or not! Summer, the one time of the year when everyone loves upping the hotness and drool quotient all thanks to their partner in crime… The bikini. Bikinis have turned 69 and their evolution is mind boggling. What started as fabric rationing had now turned into a sultry style statement loved by all. They are much, much older than we would imagine as two-piece garments worn by women for athletic purposes are depicted on Greek urns and paintings dating back to 1400 BC. However we are here to celebrate the modern bikini and here’s to the lavish, extravagant, outlandish, news-making bikinis of the world.

8.Of Millions: how expensive do you think a bikini can be? It would amaze you to know the worlds most expensive bikini costs $30 million. It is designed by Susan Rosen with Steinmetz diamonds of 150 carats. You’d think this is one of those things people make but never use, just so you know it was bought by Tiger Woods for someone lucky.
7. Of gold: while a golden bikini is scorching hot, a bikini made entirely of gold is without an ounce of doubt breathtaking. A Chinese catwalk witnessed this magnificence, a bikini made entirely of pure gold that costs a staggering £100,000. Contributing to it’s beauty is delicate filigree style metalwork though this is extremely impractical, Ill-fitting and won’t ever be seen on a beach.
6. Of Crystals: when Rihanna walks the beach in a skimpy bikini, people look at Rihanna. In the case of her £600 crystal bikini studded with 2,638 Swarovski gems, I’m pretty sure, people would be just as enthralled by the bikini. This thing of beauty was created by Luxury swimwear brand Charlie by Matthew. It’s very limited edition with only ten made.
5. Mercedes Benz Fashion week swim: when talking about extravagant swimwear and bikinis how can anyone forget the awesomeness that is the Mercedes Benz Fashion week swim shows. 2015 saw a wonderful showcase of beach bunnies featuring the Blonds that included not a few but many such wonderful style statements that make the bikini extravagant and over the top in a way no one can ignore them. Celebrities and fans have loved the bling and OTT elements that make these eye-catching and to die for.
4. Of Brands: While expensive, international brands best understand understated beauty and quality. Brands like Prada, Emilio Pucci, Cavalli, Missoni and so offer the best styles that are unique and help you stand out in a crowd. Most of them range from $500-$700 and are definitely worth every penny.
For Cabbage bikini
3. Of lettuce: Wondering what a bikini made of lettuce is doing here? We have covered bikinis with high prices but this is a bikini of power. This clearly shows how powerful a bikini can be to make headlines, The lettuce bikini does so for a noble cause. PETA has created a sexy edible fashion for vegetarians; the lettuce bikini. This is aimed at promoting vegetarianism and is probably their answer to the bacon bikini. It’s telling the bacon bikini and the world to turn over a new leaf.
2. Fake metal: With the world swooning over these impractical, larger than life metallic bikinis that can never be worn someone actually thought of a solution. Keeping the grandeur and aesthetics intact while taking away the hardness of a metal the fake metal bikinis are part of Paul Hersey’s ‘Organic Armor’ collection. Organic Armor’ is made from soft, flexible, lightweight rubber. The garments are available in many metal-look finishes
1. Kim’s Furkini: when Kim stepped out in snow sporting a fur bikini aka furkini, we knew a statement was born. You can’t even think of getting in water sporting that but you can look like a goddess nonetheless. Kim sported that bikini in snow and not in a French beach . The use of fur is atrocious and PETA has rightfully criticised Kim for promoting this look. However whether the fur used is real or faux is unknown.

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