ANOVOS’s stunning Darth Vader Costume is up for pre-order

Every year during the time close to Halloween, out of all the other costumes available for rent or sale the ones from Star Wars are almost impossible to find; especially the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes. The worst thing is even if you manage to find one it’ll just be a shabby copy of the original lacking most of the details. You might not have moolah to get the original Darth Vader costume, but here’s one that looks pretty close to the original suit from the “Empire Strikes Back” and includes most of the detail work. ANOVOS created the fully wearable costume that balances both comfort and accuracy.

The highly-detailed Darth Vader costume is based on the iconic villain’s look from The Empire Strikes Back referencing original artifacts from the Lucasfilm Archives as well as numerous background images. Designed with costumers in mind, features include a self-aligning helmet (using magnets and keyed locking mechanisms), a built-in helmet ventilation system, reinforced shoulder bell hinges, and strategically placed ventilation mesh. The costume is offered in both a Premier Line and Standard Line priced at $4,624 and $2,062 respectively. It’ available for pre-order exclusively for North America customers but sadly the estimated delivery time is scheduled for May 2015 which means you won’t be able to impress your friends with it this Halloween.

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[Available at ANOVOS]

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