The most expensive sneakers are diamond encrusted and cost $4 million

The thing about hyper-luxurious goods is the fact that they cannot always be used to server the greater purpose that they are manufactured for. This may not hold true for gold-coated cars and smartphones, which are used in any case, but it does hold true in something that would otherwise suffer abusive usage. We’re speaking about this gold and diamond-encrusted sneaker that is the fruit of the alliance between customization label Mache and Bicion. They took the ‘Way of Wade’ sneaker and added a world of customizations to it, and how. This special edition is named after the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. It goes by the name ‘The Fire Monkey’.

These could surely outweigh Cinderella’s glass shoes in preciousness levels, thanks to its price tag that can make you feel $4 million lighter with just the purchase. But let the guilt of splurging not weigh you down. The purchase of the shoes will fund Soles4Souls, a charity that has endeavored to improve the lives of children across six continents.

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Speaking about the project, CEO of Soles4Souls Buddy Teaster said, “In a time when celebrities have increasing power, the fact that the Bicion team has chosen to put that influence to good use is amazing. Their onation to Soles4Souls will literally put shoes on the feet of hundreds of thousands of people in the year ahead.”

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