Studded with diamonds and gemstones – Take a look at the world’s most expensive wedding gown that costs a whopping $15 million

Every bride looks forward to her wedding day. That has more to do with her wedding dress and playing princess for a day than the groom (some are honest enough to accept this fact). And if your wedding gown happens to be anything like the Egyptian Designer Hany El Behairy creation then it should be the cynosure of the day. The designer made a mark on his 100th fashion show by revealing the world’s most expensive wedding dress. The dress is valued at a staggering $15 million (Dh55 million) and was modelled by rising Egyptian actress Mai Omar. Designer Hany El Behairy has made it a tradition of sorts to end his annual fashion shows with extravagant wedding dresses; they are always costing millions, and always adored by stunning and famous actresses or stars. This year was no different as a gorgeous mum of two, Rayah El Madam star strutted down the runway wearing the dress that is heavily embellished with diamonds and gemstones.

The high-low gown with a trailing train at the back comes with an equally breathtaking veil that features intricate star embellishments. The dress itself is heavily embellished and took an entire year to complete, according to El Behairy. Still a wedding gown for $15 million? Some would travel, some would eat; I wonder how many meals and coffees I could enjoy with the same amount of money. I lifetime’s supply perhaps!


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