The world’s second most expensive handbag costs $178,000 and comes with a 1000-year guarantee

We were baffled when the Contessa Wafer from the House of Borgezie became the first ever stiletto with a 1000-year guarantee. And yet, not more than five months later, it seems the stiletto has a clutch to match. Le Palais clutch bag by the House of Borgezie is as bejeweled if not more, big enough to hold make-up and an iPhone, and an “eternal” tag.

I suppose we should’ve figured that after learning Christopher Michael Shellis now a.k.a. creator of the Contessa Wafer stiletto is the one behind this latest Borgezie offering. A continuation of the Borgezie Treasures range, Clutch Bag le Palais, however, has a mighty regal presence. Inspired by the Buckingham Palace gates, it bears a geometric design replete with bars and the House of Borgezie’s coat of arms.

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And while it may not be the world’s most expensive unlike the $3.8 million clutch, it would definitely make it to the second highest spot on our list- 12 Most Expensive Handbags In The World. Created over 100 hours by a team of highly skilled goldsmiths and diamond setters, it is kitted out with 345 diamonds, 18-carat-gold clasps. What we’re wondering then is what a powder blue butterfly is doing amidst all this. We can’t deny it’s a nice touch nevertheless and the clutch is valued at £105,000 (or $177,950).

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[Borgezie Via Refinery29]

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