The world’s most expensive men’s leather shoes by A. Testoni costs $38,000

Men’s fashion seems to be on a steep growth off late. Right from watches, cufflinks, shoes and bags, men seem to be striving had to win over the fashion industry. At the latest in the line of men’s shoes by Italian A. Testoni is the world most expensive leather shoes. Crafted using a piuma rapid propitiatory process which is patterned, these shoes are touted to be “as light as a feather” and protect your feet from hot, cold and humid weather conditions.

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The hand-crafted Moro monk-strap model is made from exotic alligator skin, with linen twine, and glove-soft goatskin lining, finally finished in gold with a diamond buckle. The Norwegian style construction in this for $38,000 per pair shoe makes the footwear durability and provides better water resistance.