Thomas Pink will dress guests at the highest black-tie event on Mt. Everest

Ever heard of a dinner party hosted up in the mountains? Well, now you have. British adventurer Neil Laughton followed by eight more guests are currently mid-climb, ascending Mt. Everest to break the record for hosting the highest black-tie dinner party in the world. The dinner will be held at a record of 7,100 meters and the guests will be dressed in British luxury clothing retailer Thomas Pink’s superfine Dicken’s suit. The suit is made of 100% pure wool to keep the patrons warm but also has the decadence of hand sewn sleeve heads and Ottoman silk lapels. The suit jacket and pant combo retails for $1,400 back down on normal ground. The collaboration with the expedition is to showcase the brand’s spirit for adventure and to hopefully place it on the map, whether metaphorically or physically, like Mt. Christopher Ward that was named after Christopher Ward the watchmaker, we don’t know. A Thomas Pink point on the way to Mt. Everest, the tallest peak on earth, would undoubted be cool.

The team did a practice dinner run on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps to help them gage what the scene would most likely be like in the Himalayas. Sherpas will accompany them along with the two star Michelin chef Sat Bains who created and will also be cooking the special freeze-dried menu that includes a soup, beef bourguignon, and a chocolate dessert. The guests will also be served Mumm Champagne.

Thrill-seeker Neil Laughton is always looking to create an interesting story has previously played cricket at the South Pole and flown a car over the Straits of Gibraltar. This expedition of his along with the team is to raise awareness and funds for Community Action Nepal, a charity to help the indigenous people of Nepal that live in the mountains.

[via – Luxury Daily]

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