Turn your shoes and bags into beautiful jewelry with Jimmy Choo’s Custom Bejewelled Collection

Jimmy Choo’s Custom Bejewelled Collection is a feast of glittering accessories that are perfectly party-ready. The collection includes a wide range of brooch-like shoe accessories which can totally transform the appearance of a simple pair of pumps and appease the appetite of any bling loving shoe-collector. Faux fur pompoms add some much-needed humor to a staid pair of sandals while brooches and buttons adorned with lustrous pearls and shimmering crystals make any outfit party-ready in an instant.

The adornments include a range of shoe clips that can be attached to any pair of shoes you own as well as a series of smaller buttons that are compatible only with the special pumps and platform sandals that also comprise the collection. Also included are purses that are also compatible with the shoe buttons and a decorative strap that instantly upgrades any purse or clutch in your closet.
This is a far better take on the customization trend than we got from Dior. Even though the shoe buttons are only compatible with a few items, they can at the very least be used on both bags and shoes. Moreover, the designs are classic and versatile, well suited to the holiday season that’s coming up. The shoe clips can be purchased on their own and are compatible with most of the shoes you probably own.

Prices of shoe buttons start at $165 while the shoe clip pairs start at $395. The shoe button friendly pumps start at $1195. You can shop the collection here: [Jimmychoo]

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