Urn-in-a-bag: Life after death remains cute in Japan with vibrant Soul Petit Pot memorial urns

All stuff kawaii, all stuff cute is what life in Japan comprises of. It’s almost like their second skin, everything in their life is adorable and ridiculously cute, which is why it makes complete sense of me that death must be cute too. There are no two ways about it; and I totally dig the Soul Petit Pot Popo, which looks as cute as its name sounds. The purpose of the Pot Popo is to store the ashes of your ancestors. Yes, you read this correctly; it’s to put your pop in a cutesy little urn so the cuteness doesn’t leave them when they have left the cuteness. It is well known that cremation is the norm in Japan, and the ashes of the deceased are kept in a butsudan, a Buddhist alter that generally sits in the living room of the departed’s surviving family members. But Tokyo-based Memorial Art Ohnoya has designed these memorial urns based on the much loved the boxy backpacks.

Just like flavors of your favorite macaroons or lip balm these urns also come in such vibrant hues. They are named as “Pretty Pink,” “Vitamin Orange,” “Milky Peach,” and “Sweet Chestnut”. The urn weighs 70 grams (2.5 ounces), is made of polished brass, and comes with a frame inside where you can place a picture of the deceased as is with standard butsudans. I think it’s a great way of remembering the people who added cheer and meaning to your life. And making this a vibrant way of remembering them is the Soul Petit Pot Popo urns that are priced at 12,000 yen (US$110) and can be purchased online here.


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