Utility trumps aesthetic with Zara’s latest capsule collection that includes granny chic shopping trolleys

Many would agree that if cooking has been therapeutic during the pandemic, shopping too has been a release-of-sorts. Wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to call shopping (grocery included) a mini-vacation too! If that’s what we all agree to call it, then we all need this ‘granny chic’ quilted shopping trolleys by Zara. It’s the kind of bag you never knew you needed until it actually enters your life and fills it with utility, purpose, ease, and comfort. Never again will a trip to the supermarket be just a chore, especially when you strut down the aisles in style. The Spanish retailer is giving us two quilted shopping trolleys, one in soft grey and the other in khaki; I, for one, am leaning towards the grey option, though both are already sold out on the brand’s website, and we will all have to wait before we can get our shopping-ready hands on them. The bags were quite a rage once released and caused quite a commotion in Spain as they were all snapped up in just 24 hours. The bags keep up with the autumnal trend of lined coats and have caught the fancy of shoppers even if they can’t be called the best-looking bags around, perhaps because the pandemic has taught us that utility trumps aesthetic.

These Zara shopping trolleys are equipped with zip pockets at the front and the back and side pockets with adjustable drawstring fastenings so you can always reach for your hand sanitizer whenever you need it. The bags are selling for roughly $60 and are currently sold out in both colors.

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