Valentine’s Day gift guide for a beach-loving diva! From the best swimwear to statement-making accessories, we have it all listed down for you

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This valentine’s day, let’s bring the beach back into our lives. And if your loved one is a thalassophile, then we have the best choices listed out to make your day of love utterly memorable! There truly isn’t anything more romantic than the sun setting on a pristine beach. While you walk down the soft white sands, your beach-loving lady love can look like a vision, all thanks to your well-thought-of gift for her on Valentine’s Day. From sandals to beach skirts to bags here are some attractive options to amp your partner’s seaside sojourns even more:

7. Versace chain pinstripe one-piece swimsuit:
Versace’s instantly recognizable swimsuit looks eye-catching in the colors of the setting sun. The chic garment is enhanced by the Chain Pinstripe print and features a low backline and high leg line. This is your moment to shine brighter than the sun and pull off an Ursula Andress at your next beach vacay.

6. Gucci chevron thong sandal:
Why should fashionable footwear be saved for parties when she is having the time of her life at the beach? The pink rubber thong sandal looks eye-catching in Gucci’s double G hardware. It is equal parts high-fashion and comfortable in tonal resin and the flatform sole makes it an ideal choice for sandy beaches or even to strut by the pool.

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5. Emilio Pucci patterned pareo with complementing printed Maxi Carré Bag
A 10/10 beach look amalgamates great styling, classy picks, and breezy colors that complement the natural setting. Emilio Pucci’s lightweight pareo brings forth your A-game while nonchalantly elevating your favorite bikinis. Complete your look with the oversized, draped silhouette of Emilio Pucci’s Maxi Carré bag. The stunning silk scarf bag is sturdy for countless beach trips owing to reliable leather straps.

4. Tiffany & co. Square sunglasses:
Going to the beach without a stylish pair of sunglasses is like breathing without air- it’s impossible! A great day at the beach isn’t complete without a few good pictures with prima donna poses in oversized sunglasses on your face and a robust sea in the background. These classic square frames from Tiffany & Co. are nothing short of luxurious and ideal for a sunny, uber-chic day outdoors.

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3. Chanel Belt:
Beachside-glamour is a thing when you are a diva out in the open seas! Channel your inner goddess by teaming your sexy swimwear with this hint of glam. The Chanel belt comprises materials like metal, glass pearls, strass, imitation pearls, and crystal. This accessory will single-handedly bring vintage Hollywood flair to your vacation look.

2. Etro Straw Beach Tote Bag:
The best things in life are free- beaches, sunsets, sand and the sea! The second best thing- handbags are expensive and just so gorgeous! Enjoy the best of both with Etro Straw Beach Tote Bag in straw and calf leather. The beige handbag sports an embossed logo patch at the front with self-tie closure.

1. Louis Vuitton monogram gradient beach towel
One brand that apprehends luxury and wanderlust to perfection is Louis Vuitton. The Monogram Gradient beach towel playfully incorporates the bold House touch with merging tones atop an allover Monogram pattern. What looks good on sand other than sandcastles? The striking LV Monogram Gradient Towel!

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