Virgin Galactic ropes in Under Armour to create spacesuits for its pilots

Gone are the days when the world cared about who are wearing what at a red carpet event. Thanks to COVID-19 these events, the celebrities that walk the carpets and the designers behind the couture, are all sedentary. However the place is abuzz to catch a glimpse of a set of uniforms for the pilots of the world’s first commercial spaceflight. Virgin Galactic has unveiled a set of uniforms in collaboration with sports apparel specialist Under Armour in order to continue making pilots look like a million bucks! Under Armour has worked on the full spacesuits as well as footwear to strike the perfect balance of dynamic style and functionality. Fabrics used are lightweight, durable, flight-grade knitted variety which is temperature-controlled and weighing in at just over a kilogram. The rich royal-blue hue makes them look fabulous and provides ultimate comfort for when you’re floating in zero G or pressed back into your seat during the rocket-powered boost phase. The front of the spacesuit features the pilot’s embroidered name and a placement for their commercial astronaut wings. The Virgin Galactic Pilot Corps will wear the spacesuit and footwear on the first human spaceflight from New Mexico,on December 11. The first person to sport these dashing uniforms is Chief Pilot, Dave Mackay and Pilot, CJ Sturckow, who is expected to become the first person to fly to space from three different U.S States.

Dave Mackay, Virgin Galactic Chief Pilot said: “It’s a real honor for all of us in the Virgin Galactic Pilot Corps to wear these spacesuits. The thoughtfulness of the design ensures the suits are not only comfortable and practical, but also bespoke to each pilot. As soon as you step into the suit, you immediately get a sense of the significance of our mission. I’m very much looking forward to wearing my own spacesuit during New Mexico’s first human spaceflight later this month and then many times in the future as we share the wonder of space with our Future Astronauts.”

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[Via: Dezeen]

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