Vladimir Putin-themed perfume gets mixed reactions

Surely the most prolific world leader at this moment, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has won the hearts and following of many across the globe. With great capabilities and punch lines come great fans and sometimes even merchandise. Other than the usual shirts, the President now has a perfume that is inspired by his personality. It is said to be a “warm scent, a textured scent. It’s soft but at the same time it’s very firm”, according to Vladislav Rekunov, the perfumer from Belarus who has created the scent.

Called “Leaders Number One”, the perfume is available in a black-glass bottle that features the profile of Vladimir Putin. The scent gives a hint of lemon, blackcurrant, and fir cones.

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While $95 a pop may not be a hair-raiser for many it surely needs to justify the quality of the perfume. For this, we couldn’t gain better insight than from those willing to sample it. The perfume was out there in a shopping area, begging to be tested but was resented by many. However, two men in a Moscow street decided to give it a swing and one of them was not at all happy with it. He simply labelled the smell as that of a “cheap perfume”.

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However, a reporter from a Russian publication was quoted saying, “At first, there’s a citrus hint, then the scent opens up to smell like cedar. Then a little bit of musk and mung bean. Women will love this scent even more than men,”

[ Via : Vocativ ]

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