‘Water of life’ bottled up in Spirit of Scotland !

Whisky lovers may be alarmed by the revelation that the latest innovation in perfume is a new range based on some of the finest malts. The essence of malt whisky has now been captured by George Dodds, a Highlands biochemist, who believes his fragrant creation could form the basis of a new Scottish perfume industry.The malt whisky scent, which has been named Spirit of Scotland, has been in development for three years. A 17.5ml crystal bottle of the finished product will retail at top stores this autumn for about $138. Whisky is in fact not used in the perfume. The ingredients include vetivert oil from Reunion, which provides the essential “smoky-woody” notes, narcissus from Grasse and rose from North Africa to inject “erotic musky” and floral smells.

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Last week, Scotland put the Spirit of Scotland- ‘sophisticated, full-strength perfume intended primarily for evening use’ to the test among whisky and consumer experts. The response was positive, although not everyone could detect the whisky hints.
What is a wife to think from now on if her husband comes home, late at night, smelling of whisky?

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