With Gucci Sneaker Garage, gamers can now explore exclusive digital footwear styles

Gucci sneakers are so cool they deserve to have their own museum where every unique sneaker gets space on a pedestal and a glass cover to protect its awesomeness. Till that happens the sneakers have found a more tech, avant-garde version of what I wrote above- present Gucci Sneaker Garage. This is the highly anticipated section of its App conceived as a platform entirely dedicated to the House’s eclectic sneakers and their digital counterparts. The platform also debuts the Gucci Virtual 25, the first virtual sneakers ever by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. This platform is not just meant to admire and gawk at exceptional Gucci sneakers but brings together a mix of storytelling, gaming, and user-generated content. Gamers can explore this platform to experiment within the Gucci sneakers’ distinctive world by creating their own model, tweaking, hybridizing, and combining elements from the existing designs or creating something completely futuristic. Artists like Helen Kirkum, MichaelCutini, Mattias Gollin, Rudy Lim, Bodega Rose, Haram With Sugar, Ghica Popa, Jemma Mason, Christopher Chan, Pix Sellers, Delphine Dénéréaz, and the likes have already lent their creativity to Gucci sneakers, using it as a blank canvas.

As expected, the artists have created what can be termed a visual treat on these eclectic sneakers using an ingenious mix of mediums and materials. With Gucci Sneaker Garage, the brand seeks to combine the past with the present by combining the world of fashion, gaming, and digital environments. As for the fashionable Gucci Virtual 25, they will, in fact, be available on Aglet, where they will launch together with the full spectrum of the House’s sneakers and are wearable on the popular immersive platforms Roblox and VRChat.

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