Bagatelle Collection – A gold look to jazz up the bathing environment

Gold is no ordinary metal. It looks good when ornamented, but it also represents something that you would fight for. And if you want to push the envelope further and bring the opulence of this shiny metal to your bathroom, why settle only for a gold bathtub? Pull the plugs completely and go for a gold sink, tiles, and fixtures! Designed by Olivier Gagnère, the Bagatelle Collection comes with an elegant gold finish. Available in seven colors, the Hastings Tile & Bath’s porcelain tiles have surfaces with the animal skin design and Gold Leaf Glass. The sink has a unique rectangular octagon shape and comes in three variants- a gold metal finish, natural copper, or polished chrome.

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Finally designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, is the Froufrou Collection of bathroom fixtures and accessories. This Collection is made out of white porcelain and custom gold fittings for a regal look. The accessories include the JACLO’s luxury grab bar collection which is completely customizable.
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